Monday, September 27, 2010

So long never update~~

Been very busy this month thats why never update the blog.

Well alot things happened, fun , sad , annoying , tiring and Etc etc~

hehehe Im already 20 years old ~ feel quite mature and old already LOL and started my degree year 2.

My class is kinda fun haha everyone laugh and make noise during class and so far the lecturers quite nice, i think i will fall asleep in class soon like last time hahaha~ but hopefully i can focus in class as i wanna get first class honour grad!!!!!!

Rotaract side- Went for CSAP work shop found it very interesting and those victims really need our care and help.

will be busy soon hehehehe

My birthday celebration - thanks cayenne for calling up ppl and the rest who force me to wear the spongebob shirt LOL!!!

well nothing much eh~~ share market is kinda good! LOL

sword business not good

game businss okay okay

thats all LOL! the blog will be more lively soon~

Friday, September 3, 2010

DS Super Robot Wars L 1st Trailer


Monday, August 30, 2010

Friends~ like HOMIES!


Friends-one of the most important things in life.
Friends-the nearest person to you beside ur families.
Friends-people who spend time with you.
Friends-people who listen to u or cheer u up when u are emo.
Friends-people who do things and laugh together with u.
Friends-might stay very far from u but u feel connected.
Friends-might not be close to u all the time but in ur heart they always there.

Friends-My Precious Pearl that I will defend and Treasure~ Always

How often can u get friends and become something like HOmies~ to u? LOL
Those who are in the photos they are my friends and beloved buddies from student council, we all become friends because of KBU and Student council.
The Ex EXCO members of student council~ seriously after been tru so many things together, we manage to stay together and the friendship and bond is still there.

When we face problems with events, we always unite and everyone contribute to slove the problem.
When we face problems with each other, we confront and talk not just run away or become a scarry cat that don't even wanna talk to someone so called friend before. This is something i learn from Michelle~ Weeee
For me i really love every single person that i consider he or her friend, those who know me i can easily place someone very important in my heart, even though it may hurts me like hell when problems occur but i will still be there for them and support them, this is one of the few promises that i will not break. and God Knows it even till now.

Me and pearl~

These awesome people really made me proud to say that i am from KBU student council , they made me a person who is passionate in doing things as a team, i really love them all~ I wonder what will happen to my college life if i never join SC~
NO REGRETS joining SC after 3 years~!
Wanna see unbreakable bond even misunderstanding and serious problems occur ? Look at the first photo!!

Miss KBU~~

Its been awhile guys~ I will start to blog again, cause previously kinda busy and dun really have much time to write.
Today im here to show u leng luis~

Deng deng deng deng~~~~ MISS KBU 2010~ The first beauty Pageant of Kbu International College.
Okay this the first time that us the student council of kbu college organize a beauty pageant, well most of us are very excited esspecially guys~
even though the amount of time and effort will be consume, but we will still work our best to make this Beauty Pageant very successful.
We are glad that Miss Adelaine Chin -Miss Malaysia Universe 2007 are able to be our consultant and the head judge of this event.
The whole SC is currently working very hard to prepare and to run this event , so i hope that all of us can be united strongly tru out the while event and get alot more experience~
Charmine posing ~
Waiting for feedbacks~

Charmine posing again~ hehehe

This post is abit short as i just got back from merdeka party and its 2.30am now hehehe abit blur ~

Saturday, August 21, 2010

OSK Investment Challenge~

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Check out for more~

Adidas released a new line of shoes! The Adidas Fluid Trainer
Adidas Fluid Trainer is designed for both running or a walk in the town. Have you seen it? Tried it? Which of the 5 colours do you like?

Check more about this campaign~

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

some test from a chinese forum (damn accurate!!)



1. 你必须把这个游戏告诉给(序号2旁边写下的数字)个人。
2. 序号3是你所爱的人。
3. 序号7是你所喜欢的但不能与之相伴的人。
4. 序号4是你最关心的人。
5. 序号5是非常了解你的人。
6. 序号6是你重要的人。
7. 序号8的歌适合序号3的人。
8. 序号9的歌适合序号7的人。
9. 序号10的歌最能代表你的想法。
10. 序号11的歌是你对生活的感受。