Monday, September 27, 2010

So long never update~~

Been very busy this month thats why never update the blog.

Well alot things happened, fun , sad , annoying , tiring and Etc etc~

hehehe Im already 20 years old ~ feel quite mature and old already LOL and started my degree year 2.

My class is kinda fun haha everyone laugh and make noise during class and so far the lecturers quite nice, i think i will fall asleep in class soon like last time hahaha~ but hopefully i can focus in class as i wanna get first class honour grad!!!!!!

Rotaract side- Went for CSAP work shop found it very interesting and those victims really need our care and help.

will be busy soon hehehehe

My birthday celebration - thanks cayenne for calling up ppl and the rest who force me to wear the spongebob shirt LOL!!!

well nothing much eh~~ share market is kinda good! LOL

sword business not good

game businss okay okay

thats all LOL! the blog will be more lively soon~


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Nana Eddy said...

If 20 is considered matured. than more is what? old? huhu please don't~ ehehe... anyways, all the best for your future undertakings ya~